Service charge YoCuba


We charge guests the service charge that allow us to keep the reserved accommodation until their arrival in Cuba.

The service charge will be a percentage and vary based on the total amount. The higher the total, the lower the percentage.

Service charge table
From EUR To EUR Percentage
0,00 180,49 11,0 %
180,49 902,45 9,0 %
902,45 1.804,89 8,0 %
1.804,89 2.707,34 7,0 %
2.707,34 infinito 6,0 %

In addition to calculating a percentage is added a fixed of 4,51 EUR to the total service charge.

Total Nights Price Night Total cost Accommodation Perc. + Fixed Service charge
3 22,56 EUR 67,68 EUR 11,0 % (+4,51 EUR) 12,44 EUR
15 31,59 EUR 473,85 EUR 9,0 % (+4,51 EUR) 47,65 EUR
35 28,88 EUR 1.010,80 EUR 8,0 % (+4,51 EUR) 85,86 EUR

On the site you will only pay the service charge, the total accommodation cost you will pay to the owner when you arrive in Cuba.

With YoCuba there are NOT other costs.

With YoCuba the final cleaning costs are FREE.

Before each reservation will be displayed the total accommodation cost and the service charge. Both will appear in the overview page of the reservation, before confirmation.

The tax will be calculated based on the origin host and the total service charge. Example: for an Italian citizen for which we calculated the service charge of 30 EUR, the tax will be of 22% (6,60 EUR), for a total service charge of 36,60 EUR.

The service charge displayed on the site are already inclusive of taxes and fixed. In the bill instead will be displayed in detail divided into: percentage, fixed costs, taxes.

The accommodation prices are set directly by Cuban citizens, and will never be applied surcharges.

In case the guest cancels the reservation, the service charge will not be refunded, but withheld.